23 thoughts on “♫♥♫♫♥♫ SAILING ♫♥♫♫♥♫

  1. We use to play this on a heavy weed/hash night -that was 15yrs ago. Now just adult beverages and some Christopher Cross.

  2. Thank You for your wonderful impressions of a very overlooked song. I was in Saigon when it was still Saigon, in 1971, during my tour. Thank You.

  3. In this moment I dedicate the song to all the beloved people I have lost along the years. I hope we will meet again…

  4. Amazing. Wake up at 7am, listen to all the bullshit news anchors, self centered and rude people on the street, gym, or work, then come home to a song as peaceful and serene as this. The song is tranquil.

  5. A fav of mine since it’s release.
    Over the years, it has taken on such greater meaning.
    Great vid to song, also may I add.

  6. Back when music had meaning. Wouldn’t it be nice to go back and live those days over again knowing what we know now. Like LaPersonaNonGrata said, all I can do is dream.

  7. hi have alisten to a song called laura christopher cross wrote this song about his daughters friend who passed over but the words a amazing and very conforting cheers chris

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