CYC Prevailing Nation Sailing

Matt Owen manager of Canberra Yacht Club manager revealed he got some strange look when largest training center for sailing runs in the country with him.

Owen shared some of his experiences and said “When visit Australia to sail in regattas, people strangely looks at me and say ‘you are the manager of the Canberra yacht club.” He further added that “In Canberra we are struggling to set our limits, when we see kids in water in number than that motivates us.” “The world is like Oyster,” he added. (more…)

Paralympic Gold Rush For Australia

In 2016 Paralympics the Aussies have been able to secure two golds out of three in the sailing category.

That is quite an achievement for the Paralympic Sonar team of the country. This comprised of Jonathan Harris, Russell Boaden and Colin Harrison. While the medal race is scheduled for Saturday, with the two medals already acquired, the team is in the mood to celebrate.

The Aussies were elated on day five of the competitions at the Marina da Gloria as they won two gold medals in the two people and three person keelboat categories a day ahead of the finish. Daniel and Liesl of SKUD18 were on fire as they won two races to get their first title in Paralympics ever. The Sonar team was able to get a lead of 24 points which guaranteed them a gold medal. This ensured that there would be an Advance Australia Fair at the Flamengo Beach before the Medal Ceremony. The Australian anthem played out three times as Matt Bugg gained a lead of four points in the One Person Keelboat category, but got demoted to the third position as Helena Lucas emerged on top. (more…)

Youth Sailing Program Initiated by Becky Nygren and Coronado Yacht Club

The Director of the Youth Sailing Program at Coronado Yacht Club, Becky Nygren is extremely passionate about sailing and it is her passion that prompted her to instill the same love among the host of young sailors enrolling for the Youth Sailing Program.

Nygren, hailing from Connecticut inherited this interest from her grandfather who was a whale researcher and also worked on tall ships. After completing her Bachelor of Arts from North Carolina with a major in Spanish, she went to Coronado to pursue a career in sailing. She started as a race coach in the Coronado Yacht Club in 2009 and in 2010 went on to be the Director of the Youth Sailing Program.

The Coronado Yacht Club started in a small way and over the years the numbers of students have increased at a steady pace. There has also been advancement in the coaching team and the administrative curriculum. (more…)