20 thoughts on “NEW!! Sailing with ‘Sophisticated Lady’ on Charter Day 1 in the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean!

  1. The song is Caribbean Blue by my friend Michael Beans, you can find his music available on the world wide web at BeansMusic (dot) com… and thanks for your comment!

  2. You can find out more about chartering at our other website WindInMySails on the world wide web, and we typically book anywhere from 1-12 months in advance depending entirely on availability.. feel free to message with any questions you may have!

  3. Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed.. still have more of this series to come, just have to find time to edit! Lol

  4. How do you book a trip like this I have been trying to figure out how to propose to my GF of 8 years. Been trying to take her dad golfing but due to weather haven’t asked him yet. But I would like to do it in beginning of November is this the type a trip you have to book a year in advance. Any and all answers will be appreciated.

  5. Awesome video Rick. I truly enjoyed watching it, that couple seemed to have had an amazing time. Can’t wait to make my way down there, I wanna meet you and Foxy, oh and of course Lucky haha.

  6. A great day 1 (I’m jealous)… what fun! Can’t wait for days 2-7. What’s the song/artist that begins about 4:35? Ditto on the great videos!

  7. Thanks Juraj, glad you enjoyed! Lots more on the channel like this one, and tons coming.. feel free to subscribe to the channel if you want to be notified of new uploads, and anything you like feel free to share as much as you want!

  8. Down here everyone has a drink in their hand when they get off the plane.. it’s almost tradition! Lol

  9. Was Bob young when he recorded this, or did you speed him up? LOL the new couple are drinking before unpacked. Must be Canadian.

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