24 thoughts on “Pete Rock – “Smooth Sailing”

  1. Like one day more for stay or leave, like all is make to die,here rain and what ever …

  2. What do you mean by weak drums? That they are quiet or don’t pack a punch? PR is the drum god to me, then came DILLA

  3. Man i’m sick sicker than ever – overcome endevours – sit back and watch me collect cheddah… forever. You got her? I did her… and i got her f****en wetter – i even got my head severed, but i’m still level… Put up the bass.. and the motherf****en treble… The new f***en devil … Ruckus in your ear like some heavy fuc**en metal. So get it together – cuz i got it fu**en tethered.

  4. the guy has weak drums, but he has some mad bassline skills that actually cancel that disability

  5. are there anymore FX on the mpc that could get you to distort a sample besides filtering

  6. im a killer on a beat/ nobody realer on the street/ pete comin out the stereo/ you could hear it in ontario/why you actin so hard?/ when you aint half as raw/ ill make ur life a livin hell/ with evil plots like sleeper cells/ P-E-T-E spells/the dj who never fail/

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