24 thoughts on “Sailing Simplicity: Life Aboard s/v Daphne

  1. Can you do it without an engine??? See Lynn and Larry Pardy……They have been around the world without an engine.

  2. Great Vids……Love what you are doing! Would be following your wake but lost my Pearson in Hurricane Katrina.

  3. A lot of people have said the same thing. But I’m not sure why that matters. Its still the same experience on the water, whether I was lucky with money or not. I think that is a big question for everyone because they want to know if that lifestyle is possible for them. I believe it is possible for most resourceful people!

  4. I do all sorts of things for work. In fact, I wrote a whole blog post about it. Please Google “Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness, Money, Money”. I’ve had lots and lots of jobs while I live and travel aboard a boat. I couldn’t possibly explain it all here.

  5. whoa…your young..and hot..need a first mate..and i said need a first mate..not wanna mate..there is a difference…NOT..seriously..nice vid..

  6. Flattered that you have subscribed to my site as you are evidently an accomplished sailor. I too love sailing Solo, however you do have your clearly contented Cat to keep you company.

  7. can i please come live and sail with u aboard daphne i dont have alot of things ima great mechanic and i always wanted to sail the world think about it and get back to me i would even call u captain peace 

  8. You can get a sat phone for voice service in the ocean. Internet/data is available too, but pricey. ~Ben

  9. Are you able to get internet and phone service in the ocean. I’ve just started to get interested in the idea of sailing a small 30 footer around the caribbean. Your videos are great.

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