Sailing In Krishna Waters

Countries like India are yet to pick up the pace when it comes to participating in regattas, but it seems that a certain region of the country is seeing more action in terms of sailing events. The initiative was taken by Volga club that has started sailing activities and other clubs like Amravati is also entering into this segment. The scene of action is in Vijayawada where the Bhavani Island can be found, a picturesque spot that is well maintained by the state tourism board of Andhra Pradesh. The island resort has now become a spot for water sports activities.

Those who wish to explore different water sports activities have more to do here. Besides checking out the standard water sports activities offered here sailing in a consistent manner has been going on here. Hence competition events and shows are not far off. The first air show was held here recently that showcased good efforts of the state tourism board. (more…)

Rutland Water Hosts National Windsurfing Championships

Rutland Water will be the venue where the 2016 National Windsurfing Championships will be held on 10th and 11th September 2016. As many as 190 windsurfers will be there at Rutland water to try their luck for the National Championship title. The 2016 National Windsurfing Championships is combined with the National Junior Windsurfing Championships, UK Windsurfing Association Youth and Masters and the Team15 Champions Cup.

This is the first time that the event is open to all. A team15 club that has attended a minimum of two regional inter-club races will be able to take part in the Champions Cup. The windsurfers will get the chance to meet and fight against the British sailing team on the water. They will get to compete in the Team15 Champions Cup as well as the National Championship title. (more…)

Sailing Clubs can be Gay Friendly

If you have missed out the gay men’s community, you might also not noticed how this community tends to have a love for sailing. There are several gay sailing clubs and these are here to stay. These clubs are filled with members who have a wonderful love for sailing and that makes great enthusiasts in this field.

Brooklyn has several gay couples and they often have wonderful get together. One of the passions that put them together is their love for sailing. Most men or members of these clubs have sailed across several seas and have travelled with their houseboats. Many anchors by the Long Island or in New Jersey as well as being in Manhattan, where they get together on holiday seasons. One such association is the Knickerbockers Sailing Association, which is part of the New York metropolitan area and is a sailing club of the gay community. (more…)

Tiverton Yacht Club all set to rebuild

After a long wait of twelve years, Tiverton Yacht Club is entering a new building. According to reports, Members of all ages told NBC 10 News that they are very excited regarding the new facility.

One member told that there was a time when he actually believed that this day would never come, but finally it happened. In fact, the road was not very easy, following a decade-long legal battle with the neighbors, Tiverton Yacht Club is celebrating the day when they got a new clubhouse. Commodore Stephen Hughes said that this was the end of a long journey that started in the year 2003.

Tiverton Yacht Club

Racing down the Cabo San Lucas coast

Newport Harbor Yacht Club has relished a long-standing custom of arranging Newport to Cabo San Lucas Yacht Race. Since their very first race in the year 1971, sailors have relished the 800 mile race down the coastline of Baja to the warm weather as well as huge breeze of Cabo San Lucas. Over the past forty-plus years of hosting the Cabo Race, Newport Harbor Yacht Club has seen the grand evolution of yacht design as well as offshore sailing.

Yacht at full Speed
The typical entries in the 1970’s and 1980’s, the IOR boats with very unique downwind sailing features; the ultralight yachts arrived in the 80’s with Santa Cruz 50 introduced in 1981. (more…)