Sailing Clubs can be Gay Friendly

If you have missed out the gay men’s community, you might also not noticed how this community tends to have a love for sailing. There are several gay sailing clubs and these are here to stay. These clubs are filled with members who have a wonderful love for sailing and that makes great enthusiasts in this field.

Brooklyn has several gay couples and they often have wonderful get together. One of the passions that put them together is their love for sailing. Most men or members of these clubs have sailed across several seas and have travelled with their houseboats. Many anchors by the Long Island or in New Jersey as well as being in Manhattan, where they get together on holiday seasons. One such association is the Knickerbockers Sailing Association, which is part of the New York metropolitan area and is a sailing club of the gay community.

There are other gay sailing clubs across the world, including Kastela Yacht Charter, but this particular club has members who are mostly crew members rather than being boat owners mostly as it is found in most sailing clubs. There are different sailor categories as well, such as sailors who race or those who sail for leisure. The members are of different age groups, economic backgrounds as well as sexual identities.

One of the members says that you will find that sailing is done mostly by the white community but we try to address that. The club also funds a nonprofit organization called Hudson River Community Sailing that focuses on teaching underprivileged kids how to sail. The club sponsors annual regatta events for this association. There are about fifty members of the club and they have competed in ten boats till now, which summarizes their annual activities on the waters.