Youth Team Of US Looks For Medal Haul

As the Youth Sailing World Championships is round the corner, the 14 sailors from the US Sailing Team started their mission for gold medals. The 48th Annual Youth Sailing Championships was hosted by the Corpus Christi Yacht Club and race is slated at the Corpus Christi Bay. Around 382 youth sailors featured in the regatta with age groups between 16 and 19. There are about 66 nations taking part in 9 classes. As far as the US team is concerned, it has 14 sailors from 5 states and these sailors are the same who travelled to China last year. The sailors include Emma Cowles and Carmen from Larchmont, New York and both are gold medalists. Charlotte Rose from Houston, Texas achieved gold in Girls 420 Class and Girls Laser Radial Class.

Berta Puig, the skipper in 29er Class returned to Youth Worlds and Dominique Stater would race in the Girls RS X Class. Both are from Miami. The US Team has best hopes to achieve a gold medal haul. The team leader of the Team USA said that the team is excited as there are many sailors returning along with some best new talents coming up. There is a good variety as far as the sailors are concerned. Last year, the Girls 420 Class was dominated by the Cowles Sisters as they won by 26 points along with a score line featuring both 1st and 2nd place finishes. The French team of Camille Orion and Violette Dorange are back as well who were the silver medalists last year. They are all geared up to play against Cowles.


The six competing vessels of the fleet in the ongoing Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) have departed Hong Kong on Wednesday as they made their way to Auckland, New Zealand. A hard slog is expected in this leg to Auckland and it has been labelled ‘dangerous’ in some quarters.


The trip is 6100 nautical miles long and it started on a relatively calm note but things are expected to differ along the way. Team Dongfeng captain Charles Caudrelier expects this part of the race to be: “the most difficult, complicated and dangerous leg.”

Vestas 11th Hour Racing skipped this leg of the race due to damage to their yacht. The bow will need to be rebuilt in Italy and shipped to New Zealand in line with the Volvo Ocean 65 class rule. The yacht will reach Auckland ahead of the fleet as they could not complete the repairs in Hong Kong.

After four legs of the race, Vestas 11th Hour were third on the points’ log but they were forced to retire after the crash in Hong Kong. The crash saw a fisherman on a non-racing vessel die. The crash is expected to significantly ruin their chances of winning the event this campaign. They have a tough task in leg seven to leg 11.

The other six vessels will sail from Hong Kong to Taiwan, then through the Philippines, and then through Fiji on the route to Auckland. A major determining factor would be the team’s performance towards the doldrums – five degrees north and south of the equator where trade winds collide. The doldrums are expected 1500km after Philippines and 4000km from Auckland. This leg is expected to be predominantly upwind unlike the rest.

Yachting Races Is All Set Around The Greenwich

This weekend over 100 sailboats and crew members of the boat will face off in the Long Island Sound’s Championship Regatta (LISCR) organized by the Yacht Racing Association (YRA)

The event has been hosted by two Greenwich yacht clubs, the yacht club Riverside and Indian Harbor, and Yacht Club American in Rye, N.Y. The boats that will take part in the competition will be in the size range starting from 12-foot dinghies to bespoke 42-foot yachts. The racing will continue for two days and all the dinghies and yachts will vie for class honors.

According to the weather forecast on Saturday, the day of the event will witness on and off rain. The winds in the mid-morning will start with 10 miles per hour and will build to 16 mph by late afternoon. On the other hand, the forecast for Sunday says, the sailors will enjoy the clear skies for the whole day and the winds of nearly 10 mph. (more…)

CYC Prevailing Nation Sailing

Matt Owen manager of Canberra Yacht Club manager revealed he got some strange look when largest training center for sailing runs in the country with him.

Owen shared some of his experiences and said “When visit Australia to sail in regattas, people strangely looks at me and say ‘you are the manager of the Canberra yacht club.” He further added that “In Canberra we are struggling to set our limits, when we see kids in water in number than that motivates us.” “The world is like Oyster,” he added. (more…)

Sailing In Krishna Waters

Countries like India are yet to pick up the pace when it comes to participating in regattas, but it seems that a certain region of the country is seeing more action in terms of sailing events. The initiative was taken by Volga club that has started sailing activities and other clubs like Amravati is also entering into this segment. The scene of action is in Vijayawada where the Bhavani Island can be found, a picturesque spot that is well maintained by the state tourism board of Andhra Pradesh. The island resort has now become a spot for water sports activities.

Those who wish to explore different water sports activities have more to do here. Besides checking out the standard water sports activities offered here sailing in a consistent manner has been going on here. Hence competition events and shows are not far off. The first air show was held here recently that showcased good efforts of the state tourism board. (more…)

Rutland Water Hosts National Windsurfing Championships

Rutland Water will be the venue where the 2016 National Windsurfing Championships will be held on 10th and 11th September 2016. As many as 190 windsurfers will be there at Rutland water to try their luck for the National Championship title. The 2016 National Windsurfing Championships is combined with the National Junior Windsurfing Championships, UK Windsurfing Association Youth and Masters and the Team15 Champions Cup.

This is the first time that the event is open to all. A team15 club that has attended a minimum of two regional inter-club races will be able to take part in the Champions Cup. The windsurfers will get the chance to meet and fight against the British sailing team on the water. They will get to compete in the Team15 Champions Cup as well as the National Championship title. (more…)

Paralympic Gold Rush For Australia

In 2016 Paralympics the Aussies have been able to secure two golds out of three in the sailing category.

That is quite an achievement for the Paralympic Sonar team of the country. This comprised of Jonathan Harris, Russell Boaden and Colin Harrison. While the medal race is scheduled for Saturday, with the two medals already acquired, the team is in the mood to celebrate.

The Aussies were elated on day five of the competitions at the Marina da Gloria as they won two gold medals in the two people and three person keelboat categories a day ahead of the finish. Daniel and Liesl of SKUD18 were on fire as they won two races to get their first title in Paralympics ever. The Sonar team was able to get a lead of 24 points which guaranteed them a gold medal. This ensured that there would be an Advance Australia Fair at the Flamengo Beach before the Medal Ceremony. The Australian anthem played out three times as Matt Bugg gained a lead of four points in the One Person Keelboat category, but got demoted to the third position as Helena Lucas emerged on top. (more…)

Sailing Clubs can be Gay Friendly

If you have missed out the gay men’s community, you might also not noticed how this community tends to have a love for sailing. There are several gay sailing clubs and these are here to stay. These clubs are filled with members who have a wonderful love for sailing and that makes great enthusiasts in this field.

Brooklyn has several gay couples and they often have wonderful get together. One of the passions that put them together is their love for sailing. Most men or members of these clubs have sailed across several seas and have travelled with their houseboats. Many anchors by the Long Island or in New Jersey as well as being in Manhattan, where they get together on holiday seasons. One such association is the Knickerbockers Sailing Association, which is part of the New York metropolitan area and is a sailing club of the gay community. (more…)