Around 300 Women Required To Raise Awareness About The Perils Of Plastic Pollution In Sailing

Pollutionis one of the biggest perils for earth and human life. The effect of pollutionis evident from the increase in global warming and it had gone too far that itis resulting in the reduction of human lifespan. And one such constituent of pollution is plastic which is a non- biodegradable component and hence cannot be destroyed. Among other things sailing is an area which is very much affectedly plastic pollution as it has become a kind of hurdle in the path of sailors while sailing. Although it has affected the sailors and people related to the sailing world the cause for this pollution is the entire human community because the plastics which is thrown in the seas, rivers, and canals are nothing but the garbage which is thrown by the common people.

And to get rid of this onerous issue the sailor who discovered the accumulation of plastic in marine while carrying out experiments on “Great Pacific Patch Garbage” is in his quest of solving this problem is inviting applications for awhile-female sailing voyage besides a scientific research mission.

Emile Penn will lead from the front in this mission in which she along with her team will circumnavigate around the globe to raise awareness regarding the negative impacts of non-reusable plastics on marine life and human life as well. The crew will sail in 5 oceans and the Arctic and during this; they will search for plastics and toxins which are present in the oceans. The voyage’s duration will be 2 years and will start from October 2019 and for the same the crew will be divided into 30 legs with 10 sailors on each one of the leg. And Ms. Penn has made it clear that more than the sailing experience they are concerned about getting rid of plastic pollution.