Sailing In Krishna Waters

Countries like India are yet to pick up the pace when it comes to participating in regattas, but it seems that a certain region of the country is seeing more action in terms of sailing events. The initiative was taken by Volga club that has started sailing activities and other clubs like Amravati is also entering into this segment. The scene of action is in Vijayawada where the Bhavani Island can be found, a picturesque spot that is well maintained by the state tourism board of Andhra Pradesh. The island resort has now become a spot for water sports activities.

Those who wish to explore different water sports activities have more to do here. Besides checking out the standard water sports activities offered here sailing in a consistent manner has been going on here. Hence competition events and shows are not far off. The first air show was held here recently that showcased good efforts of the state tourism board.

With the publicity that the area has drawn in, more people are coming in to take part of the action by the river banks of Krishna. The tourism board has also planned a Navy mela here that will showcase interesting feats along with marine commando demonstrations, and are looking at linking up with Dubrovnik.

The first week of February has a sailing event planned here by the Volga Sailing club. This is a private firm that is set up for providing yachting and sailing services. The club plans to have dozen sailing boats here and operating by February. The club has also been roped in by the state tourism board to offer its services and boats for the different tourism related activities planned in this region. There is a training program being launched for children above eight years of age by the club. This will help develop a generation of sailors among the next gen.