Rutland Water Hosts National Windsurfing Championships

Rutland Water will be the venue where the 2016 National Windsurfing Championships will be held on 10th and 11th September 2016. As many as 190 windsurfers will be there at Rutland water to try their luck for the National Championship title. The 2016 National Windsurfing Championships is combined with the National Junior Windsurfing Championships, UK Windsurfing Association Youth and Masters and the Team15 Champions Cup.

This is the first time that the event is open to all. A team15 club that has attended a minimum of two regional inter-club races will be able to take part in the Champions Cup. The windsurfers will get the chance to meet and fight against the British sailing team on the water. They will get to compete in the Team15 Champions Cup as well as the National Championship title.

The prizes to the winners will be handed over by none other the three times Olympian and 2008 bronze medalist, and owner of Split Yachting, Bryony Shaw on September 11. He will be seen roaming around the boat park and talking to all the younger generation windsurfers. This is a great chance for the youngsters to get surfing tips from the legendary surfer.

There is keen interest in windsurfing aft the silver medal performance of Nick Dempsey at the recently concluded Rio Olympics. With Nick’s training partner Kieran Martin attends the event and competing with the windsurfers, the event will be closely followed by all windsurfing fans. There are many windsurfers taking part in the national level event for the very first time.

The Champions Cup is where there are no restrictions on the number of teams participating in the event. Team15 teams get another opportunity to take part in an event where they get to enjoy the traveling and also compete together. This is an event that brings the windsurfing community together.