CYC Prevailing Nation Sailing

Matt Owen manager of Canberra Yacht Club manager revealed he got some strange look when largest training center for sailing runs in the country with him.

Owen shared some of his experiences and said “When visit Australia to sail in regattas, people strangely looks at me and say ‘you are the manager of the Canberra yacht club.” He further added that “In Canberra we are struggling to set our limits, when we see kids in water in number than that motivates us.” “The world is like Oyster,” he added.

Speaking about some program that he runs in his club Owen said “To help disadvantaged children who can never have opportunity of sailing anywhere else we have a ‘Buoyed Up’ program.  In this program we give opportunity to children to sail and enjoy.” He further added that “From next year we are going to introduce one more program in our club for people with disability. The name of the program is already decided and we will turn this program into action next year for sure. As the program is for people with disability, thus it is named as ‘Sailability’. In this program, we will help people with disability to sail in water”

Owen confirmed that from different nation sailors come and meet at the Canberra Yacht Club. There is a 15-year-old Dutch Laurens Mellink also associate with us. He said, three years ago Mellink family switched to capital in 2009, but he remains associated with us. Now, he has learned enough skills and acting as an instructor of the junior program.

Mellink shared his bond with the Canberra Yacht Club and said, “I love this place and community, I love this sport and I have good competence in racing 4.2m Yacht. I had participated in NSW and Canberra event and was raced competitively.”