25 thoughts on “Mark Knopfler – Sailing to Philadelphia | Full Album

  1. His feel is amazing. He could play some of these songs all night and I
    wouldn’t turn them off.

  2. “the last laugh”, by mark knopfler, from the album ‘sailing to
    philadelphia’, as released by Mercury Records, in 2000.

  3. i believe that sailing to philadelphia its the best album of mark knopfler

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  5. I remember my dad buying this album and introducing me to Mark and his
    whole discography (include Dire Straits). One of the most talented
    musicians to have ever to lived. I will never get tired of this album, it
    is absolutely timeless. 

  6. I would love to hear his vocal a bit wetter more reverb, not a lot just to
    give him a slight jolt. He sings great man, don’t get me wrong. He is pure
    magic. He has to be singing very close to a bass range or very bottom
    baritone. I can sing his songs but, he’s a bit low. I’m a mid-baritone but,
    his stuff is in lower registers than I write in. It’s cool though to hear
    this Man’s voice. So glad to hear it. You can’t beat this guy for
    versatility. I heard saying they told early he was playing very unorthodox,
    so much for the more heads. He can technique. I would love to spend a month
    playing with this guy. Clapton is very easy to play like, as is Santana.
    Mark is just so unique and flippin great Talk to me GUITAR MAN. He has
    stayed true to his art. Peace, M.A. 

  7. Silvertown: The most haunting evocation of the end of the industrial age
    and the sadness of the workingman who prospered for awhile, but is now
    broke and homeless on the streets of the erstwhile boomtown.

  8. Once I saw a band playing in a bar around K & A. About 3 or 4 years before
    Sultans of Swing. They played the same type of music and it was kick-butt
    all night. Wish I knew their name. Cheerson, Prunehead, Bugman, Kevin, Ed
    Wodarjyssk, etc. were in attendance. Any help.

  9. Wonderful… this CD reminds me SO much of a REALLY nice day i spent with
    my dad… one of those few father/son days/moments. <3

  10. uno dei tanti dischi da solista di mark knopner bello il 2 dopo golden
    heart questo disco lui ama molto fa re il soist continua a fare dischi e fa
    successo dispiace ma nello stile del suo gruppo quando qualcuni gli chiede
    a quando un ritono con i dire straits lui dice forse ma del resto lui stava
    al matrimonio di uno della band ma e difficile ha pubblicato un disco nuovo
    sperando che possa riunirsi con il gruppo

  11. genial !!! sencillamente maravilloso … nunca lo había escuchado y
    me parece muy bueno !!!este tio es un crack!!!!

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