Tiverton Yacht Club all set to rebuild

After a long wait of twelve years, Tiverton Yacht Club is entering a new building. According to reports, Members of all ages told NBC 10 News that they are very excited regarding the new facility.

One member told that there was a time when he actually believed that this day would never come, but finally it happened. In fact, the road was not very easy, following a decade-long legal battle with the neighbors, Tiverton Yacht Club is celebrating the day when they got a new clubhouse. Commodore Stephen Hughes said that this was the end of a long journey that started in the year 2003.

Tiverton Yacht Club

The original club house was over hundred years old, and it was destroyed by fire. Hughes told Croatia yacht charter that it was really devastating. It was a beautiful, old Victorian home – a 3-story home that had so many memories.

After the flames had been put out, the members stared planning to rebuild. But the neighbors on the Riverside Drive stopped construction for over a decade with lawsuits regarding everything from the zoning code to a septic system.

As the legal fight went all the way to Rhode Island Supreme Court, the members of the club stated that the tough days imparted them closer together. Hughes added that they denied giving up the battle. To just to be able to put shovels in the ground today – it is a very anxious as well as an exciting moment for all the members of the club.