25 thoughts on “Americas Cup Sailing. Dominic Frisby commentates

  1. Commentator – did he swallow a box of superlatives? Really killed the

  2. lol only sailors find this interesting i reckon. this will be me in 15 yrs
    i hope ­čśÇ

  3. To Nick3delve. What about Murray Jones Afterguard (NZ), Simon Daubney
    Upwind Trimmer (NZ), Warwick Fluery Mainsail Trimmer (NZ), Rodney Ardern
    Runner/Pitman (NZ), Mike Drummond Afterguard (NZ), Peter Evans Afterguard
    (NZ), Matt Mitchell Mid-Bow (NZ), Dean Phipps Bow (NZ), Craig Satterthwaite
    Grinder (NZ). ALL of these people were on the sailing team for Alinghi in
    the 32nd America’s Cup (thats not including all the other kiwis involved
    with the design, weather teams and all that).

  4. funny that seeing that switzerland are a land locked country and alinghi
    are pretty much all kiwis. your full of shit, get your facts right, alinghi
    is not a national team.

  5. I disagree, it is like the formula one of sailing. There are many different
    races with different rules, I like that they are embracing technology.

  6. du bist echt nicht auf dem laufenden, was?! alinghi hat nie vorgehabt mit
    trimaranen zu segeln, das war oracles idee…und das einzige team, dass den
    cup hinausz├Âgert ist bmw oracle mit ihren perma-court-prozessen

  7. @bulldog01209 you have obviously never raced as the tactics that are done
    to get over that startline at maximum speed without going over too early is
    an amazing thing to watch and do i know the adrenaline doing such a thing
    it blows your head off

  8. TO BARRYBOWLS04: actually I think that the majority are far from being
    kiwi’s i.e Alinghi team consisted of members from Germany,United States,
    Canada,Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Virgin Islands, Portugal, Turkey,
    Ireland, the UK (from Scotland and Wales), Belgium, South Africa,
    Australia, Uruguay, Argentina, Denmark, Ecuador and Switzerland. THE only
    kiwi’s present were Coutts, tactician Brad Butterworth and Grant Simmer.

  9. no, i reckon it is the shadow of the helicopter. You can also see the
    rotors turning.

  10. @bulldog01209 thats cause u have never “match raced”; thats battle, one on
    one, pure tactics, rules knowledge… i love match racing!

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