23 thoughts on “Live Aboard Solo Sailing Adventures, Good & Bad

  1. Funny, the male behavior concept. No harm intended but it seems to me your more into woman. I don’t mind people preferences in life as long as it’s all in mutual respect.
    But as a male working with a female college who’s self proclaimed butch I can tell you I like working with her, we laugh our asses of.
    Many men like the company of woman that share our world from a more male orientated view.
    Don’t wanna insult, de-femanize you or else of that matter. Can’t blame them for enjoying strong woman.

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your videos so far. I really miss sailing, so a friend and I are buying a Helms and hitting the water. Your videos are really inspirational.

  3. .dont let anyone fool you..a boat could cost you 12 to 15 grand..depending on size and shape…you dont just sail around with no money..u need food and gas and repairs..these are trustfund babies..hell i have 16ft hobie cat that cost me money to repair..and if you blow a sail..CHA CHING…i wish one of this guys would write a book..an honest book on the monthly cost..everything from food..gas to slip fees..dont think ur gonna quit your job buy a boat and go bouncing around the florida keys…

  4. It’s not as hard as you think. Just sell all your crap,buy a boat and live in a marina,and go for it. It is a cheaper way to live.and if you don’t like your neighbors, just sail away.There are people who sail around the world for about 10,000 to 20,000 a year.Do NOT listen to people who want to hold you back !!!

  5. Why can’t somebody take me under their wing and show me how to do this. I work hard and save money. You’d like me. You really would. I know you’re out there. I know you are. First I must sail the seas of Google.

  6. Great videos! That Morgan 36 reminds me of the columbia 35 center cockpit I have been hoping to get

  7. Now, I doubt that Girl boat is as Yellow as she looks. ,-)

    In fact, of the three she’s most masculine and Beautiful …

    Nice Job.

  8. Girls that can tear down the gear caseof an outboard (in the cockpit at anchor) are Hawt!
    Thanks for sharing the adventure!

  9. BOAT 1: Hey you guys in that rickety boat
    BOAT 2: This ain’t no rickety boat
    BOAT1: Ya ya….you wanna buy some weed?

  10. appreciate your video; I will be moving on board within the year; hoping to cruise to New York Harbor from Florida the end of May 2012 and return in July; am looking for a buddy boat,,,,,,although will consider having a mate aboard my Marples 35 tri.

  11. Thanks Rebecca. It certainly is an unusual design, but as Francis Bacon said “There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.” A person must really love their boat and a ketch rig to go through the trouble of that kind of conversion.

  12. Hello! Defiant is interesting as there were only less than 100 of those boats made (as far as I’ve been able to find out!) She’s a 36′ Morgan Out Island that may’ve started life out as a sloop and was converted into a ketch. most 36-footers were sloops. They’re unusually fast for O/I’s and tough buggers to boot.

  13. Excellent series of video’s, have loved each one, thanks for posting. What type of boat is Defiant?

  14. Some level of Awesome! I figured you had to be hard working. (Nice car speakers! lol They work just fine, right!) Plus you did you own mechanical work on a well used often dependable engine. Wow. This Woman is a Genuine Salt Breather (c) [I just made it up! Wonder if I can retired on the royalties? And become one of the rich people other imagine. 😎 ~ Stay awesome and keep sharing.

  15. I would love to do this…..but I have a lot of learn about sailing and repair before I’ll try it. I cannot fix anything. And I plan to Transpac and also hit the Caribbean. So I need A LOT of learning.

  16. the road trip thing- RV’s are great, my mom loves it! We work too- regular jobs between sailing & while sailing. The boats in the vid: one’s a sea captain, the other a marine electrician/mechanic & boating travel writer. No, we’re not spoiled rich people just playing… we work our butts off to get to do this=P

  17. somehwere someplace there’s a guy rubbing one out to this video. i like the road trip thing by sea myself I’ll do it when I find that bag full of $100 bills Yep when I find that bag full o Benjy’s i’ll give it a try. Till then sail on while the rest of us work.

  18. Angel u have me LMAO with your comments bout the boys boats etc etc etc :)) .Enjoy your videos ,TY . May u be Graced with Good Wind and Friends . You a Hellava Gal !

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