21 thoughts on “10. Sailing with Dolphins – Westsail 42 Fiona

  1. Hi LiteSpeedRC, Westsail 42 Fiona’s hull was made in 1975 by Westsail Corporation in Costa Mesa, CA. It was sent by truck to Eric Forsyth in NY, where he spent 8 years building the interior. There’s a lot of great stuff´╗┐ about Fiona at Eric’s yachtfiona website.

  2. Thanks kex, we get a lot of our music from Jewel Beat and the name of this particular song is Wonder and Magic. They have a wonderful catalog of songs´╗┐ and are extremely easy to use. —blue skies, mo

  3. Thanks Drake… there’s so many cool experiences on the water… lot’s of surprises. I’ll´╗┐ check it out the Audacity program and give it a try. Love your videos… keep them coming ­čÖé

  4. Hi Mickeysail, thanks – it was amazing to see that cormorant bird visitor hanging out in the cockpit of your boat under´╗┐ sail. I do all of my video and audio editing with a Macintosh using a variety of different programs including iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Audacity. Audacity is an audio editor that is also available for Windows. Happy sailing! Drake

  5. Hi Drake, Thanks for subscribing to my videos. I have recent dolphin videos to post as well. I like your music and sound over the music.´╗┐ How did you do that? Great footage on your videos… love it!

  6. @cougar0189c – Ya no kidding ay? Congratulations on´╗┐ your new boat! Fair winds, calm seas and happy sailing..

  7. I can’t believe you posted a video where hell fire and brimstone is not raining down. I was starting to wonder it you had the worst luck ever´╗┐ or that’s just the way it is. Just bought a 38’er and hope to head out soon.

  8. Hi Bob, Thank you. It was a great voyage! I hope Eric can find good crew for the next big leg across the Atlantic. Wish I could go,´╗┐ but I have to work on my boat to be ready to push off in the Spring.

  9. Drake……WOW….that video was awesome…I wonder why they do that…communication!…they swim effortless it seems….. Great video and music Thank you´╗┐ for sharing that experience with us ……RODnNANCY

  10. @westsailowners11 – Thank you! I look forward to making many more Westsail videos for the drakeParagon youtube channel as we sail´╗┐ all over the world.

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