7 thoughts on “SIRENS OF SAILING -Season1-Episode4-Sailing Lessons to Petit Nevis, Grenadines, Caribbean!

  1. Beautiful Boat, beautiful sights, and beatiful women. The life of a sailor
    is beautiful.

  2. If we are sailing long distance we always minimize engine use to preserve
    fuel, and only use it for recharging… that way if the wind dies we can
    use the motor for several days to reach our destination if necessary.

  3. Yes, ‘Sophisticated Lady’ is a Jeanneau International 50, built in France
    in 1996

  4. Rick.. Nice videos. We’re not as polished as you are, but we’re working on
    it. What model sailboat do you have?

  5. And thanks for your compliment! Any of the videos you like, please feel
    free to share anywhere you want!

  6. Wonderful video. Thanks. How long can you run your engine? I guess you need
    to recharge your batteries. Have you ever run out of fuel and had to sail
    for 2-3 days until you got to a place they sold fuel?

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