Youth Sailing Program Initiated by Becky Nygren and Coronado Yacht Club

The Director of the Youth Sailing Program at Coronado Yacht Club, Becky Nygren is extremely passionate about sailing and it is her passion that prompted her to instill the same love among the host of young sailors enrolling for the Youth Sailing Program.

Nygren, hailing from Connecticut inherited this interest from her grandfather who was a whale researcher and also worked on tall ships. After completing her Bachelor of Arts from North Carolina with a major in Spanish, she went to Coronado to pursue a career in sailing. She started as a race coach in the Coronado Yacht Club in 2009 and in 2010 went on to be the Director of the Youth Sailing Program.

The Coronado Yacht Club started in a small way and over the years the numbers of students have increased at a steady pace. There has also been advancement in the coaching team and the administrative curriculum.

This sailing club provides tuition in sailing to children in the age group between six and eighteen. Moreover children from six to eight years of age can also enroll in the summer program Scallywags that offers a student is to teacher ratio of 3:1 on every vessel and focus is laid on safety as well as enjoyment. Children aged between eight and twelve can also sail in a Sabot where fundamental sailing lessons are imparted.

This program also provides up to ten scholarships in a year to first time sailors if they cannot afford to pay the fees. Nygren states that this sailing program is opened to young sailors throughout the year and will help them to be self disciplined, learn the safety rules and also will encourage team work.