25 thoughts on “Celtic Woman – Sailing

  1. whats with the skip at 2:50 that chloe does???
    does it make the sound come out better???
    looks quite silly actually
    otherwise… a beautiful song!!

  2. I like bagpipes as much as the next person, but why do people lose their
    minds whenever a couple of pipers come out at the end of a song?

  3. Sailing” is a song written by Gavin Sutherland and recorded by The
    Sutherland Bros. Band .
    Rod Stewart recorded the song at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Sheffield,
    Alabama, for his 1975 album Atlantic Crossing

  4. Well said. I first saw them on PBS. Then of course on You Tube. I have also
    seen them in person 3 times. Let me tell you they are addictive and as you
    say hooked. They are a special group of highly talented gorgeous

  5. The PBS broadcast of this concert was my first real exposure to Celtic
    Woman. I’d recorded it, and wound up playing it at least 100 times in the
    next two months. which probably saved me from a major depressive episode.
    Celtic Woman is a better antidepressant than anything my doctors have
    prescribed. I am now solidly hooked, but there are far worse things to get
    addicted to.

  6. I played the Believe CD to my Mom when she was dying…this song in
    particular is so special to me….I could picture my Mom sailing home to my
    Dad…she is with him now…

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