25 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be Sailing from A New Brain by William Finn

  1. This song is insanely hard to perform because yearning is an emotion very
    hard to manufacture on demand. 

  2. Its an absolutely fantastic rendition of the song, and took impossible
    amounts of skill and talent, but I feel like it skips over the true source
    of this song’s beauty: its simplicity.

  3. What are you talking about “too high for him”?! This is obviously very
    high, yes but he pulls it off! And the octave jump was not written in… It
    is 100% choice….

  4. @kingofthecities …I think a good actor needs to capture both, personally,
    or it’s just boring.ANyways, I think this guy butchers it musically and
    vocally, so it’s kind of irrelevant in my opinion, how he plays it at all.

  5. taking it up there, IMO, changes some of the intent of that particular part
    of the text/song….BUT, it was done amazingly, for keeping it in “that
    place” vocally, wouldn’t have shown people what he could really do. I
    applud it, from a vocalist standpoint, out of context from the “book”. It
    would have been “too much”, in context. Good job!

  6. I think it’s less the choice to change some of the line, and more the fact
    that this is too high for him, and he’s roaming on a lot of pitches. Well,
    it’s not too high, but his transition from chest to head voice is rough.

  7. This is certainly a different and admirable rendition. I think people are
    getting irritated because it wouldn’t be appropriate in the context of the
    show. But this is a concert, and one with the composer present, so I think
    we should take it in stride.

  8. Yes I am, Just because Gordon is in hospital as he writes/imagines the song
    it doesn’t meant that he’s not lost in the bliss of something he loves. If
    anything there is more reason to enjoy the escapism. Kevin seems to
    understand that as does John Barrowman and a few others but as I said many
    people seem to think it should be something sad.

  9. wow… never heard this song sung this way before – but it’s good. a good,
    adventurous version i would say. thanks so much for posting this. 🙂 love
    this finn-song so, so much!

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