6 thoughts on “Sailing to Bimini, Bahamas

  1. @fmagalhaes1521 I shot this video while taking a course with the Blue Water Sailing School, bwss.com. We did break out a sextant for a while, but there was no formal instruction for it. We did not use GPS. We used charts only. Chart navigation was central to this course. I have taken several courses with different schools. I would strongly recommend this course to someone who desires their first blue water experience and to practice chart navigation skills while under sail.

  2. @Bruce:

    Which Sailing School was this? Also did you navigate with a Sextant, GPS, or use both having one as a backup?

  3. Hi Terry, the Gib’Sea draws 6’2″. We approached Bimini very carefully, knowing the buoys and other ATONs are unreliable. Except for one evening ashore, we spent the rest of the week underway. Our skipper and instructor has sailed to Bimini and surrounding islands for years, so we had the benefit of his local knowledge.

  4. what is the draft of your boat.  What marina was that in Bimini as the water there I thought was very shallow


  5. Thanks for asking. This was my first, and I hope to do another this Spring and another in September. It’s all depending on opportunities to get on the water.

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