25 thoughts on “VESTAS Sailrocket 2 Outright world speed sailing record holder. (subject to WSSRC ratification)

  1. Awesome stuff guys! We met you guys 4 years ago (would have been Vestas 1) and I see you’re still at it!

  2. He said “lets boogie”

    Flamingos were nice. I liked them and not that its anything they can control.

    “Hey, Paul! Abort the run. Flamingos are in the way!” Lolz…

  3. It was the pink flamingos that added the lift.
    Congrats great job of efficiency speed. I can
    hardly wait if it handles 40kts!!!

  4. I thought the flamingos where a bit much. Awesome sale boat! Makes me think back to sailing an OK dingy on a lake in northern BC. Some of my best memories.

  5. I sail many boats – including a hydrofoil – got it wound up to 35 knots – which is pretty darn quick. 59 knot average speed is an incredible achievement – not just setting a record but this craft has the potential to obliterate the speed record. The challenges that Paul Larson has over come – the dedication, creativity – over coming adversity and road blocks – with success – well thank G-d we are here to witness history – a great team, a great design – outstanding – congratulations!

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