10 thoughts on “72. AC Discovered

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  2. 2:42 “Virtual Clouds of Canvas”? I know of virtual data, but I really have to ask Oracle about their virtual canvas.

  3. great vid i do wish they would have continued with the Americas Cup history all the way to today, thanks for all the work on these videos

  4. Note references to wives esp. Sopwith’s wife Phyllis & Vanderbilt’s wife Gertrude who sailed with them. Just shows that behind every great man’s success is a great woman.

  5. i was wondering, isnt it right that tere is always/mostly only one centrebord in the water? if so why arent the centrebords curved (hollow and a bold side) this would have the same effect as the wing sail right? so the boat would stay more flat and thus have a lager sail area. why isnt this/am i wrong?

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