Yacht makers seeing Middle East as an important market

The tenth Middle East Yachting Conference will take place on Monday before the Dubai International Boat Show.

And, it would show the predictions for the Middle East market. Superyacht Builders Association director of operations, Robert van Tol, along with Italian yacht builder Mondo Marine’s chief executive officer Roberto Zambrini, would offer a forecast and overview of the regional superyacht market, as part of a board discussion during the conference.
A different presentation by Udo Kleinitz, the International Council of Marine Industry Associations secretary general would also talk about the importance of Middle East market within the global context.
Robert van Tol said that the fifty five percent propensity to buy for the Middle East is the highest of all the regions. This percentage is based on historic ownership of superyachts against the number of UHNWIs at that time, but it also suggests that if there is an increase in the number of UHNWIs in the Middle East, after that fifty-five per cent of them are likely to purchase a superyacht. So, this region would always remain quite important.
This Middle East Yachting Conference joins global experts as well as industry authorities, and boating enthusiasts, to address the newest technologies, plans, trends as well as regulations impressing the marine leisure sphere in Dubai and beyond.


Hawaiian artifacts detected in royal yacht which sank in 1824

A Hawaii museum is getting ready to start a treasure-trove of artifacts from a royal yacht shipwreck. The incident took place 191 years ago off the coast of Kauai. Hawaii shipwreck chaser Richard Rogers worked with several scientists to dredge up the findings from the ship that was King Kamehameha II, who is also known as Liholiho, the 2nd king of Hawaii.

A leading website reported that they found gold, silver, Hawaiian poi pounders, gemstones, a boat whistle, knives, forks, mica, things from all over the world, high- and low-end European stuff. Every bit of it is royal treasure.

He added that everything is all nice and pickled and set to be displayed. There are more than a thousand artifacts. They did their homework as well as this find is priceless because all these belonged to the king. It is a great window into the 1820s. (more…)

Youth Sailing Program Initiated by Becky Nygren and Coronado Yacht Club

The Director of the Youth Sailing Program at Coronado Yacht Club, Becky Nygren is extremely passionate about sailing and it is her passion that prompted her to instill the same love among the host of young sailors enrolling for the Youth Sailing Program.

Nygren, hailing from Connecticut inherited this interest from her grandfather who was a whale researcher and also worked on tall ships. After completing her Bachelor of Arts from North Carolina with a major in Spanish, she went to Coronado to pursue a career in sailing. She started as a race coach in the Coronado Yacht Club in 2009 and in 2010 went on to be the Director of the Youth Sailing Program.

The Coronado Yacht Club started in a small way and over the years the numbers of students have increased at a steady pace. There has also been advancement in the coaching team and the administrative curriculum. (more…)

The National Yachting Policy Is Going To Develop The Sector

The official launch where the St. Kitts and Nevis National Yachting Policy were introduced produced another step to help develop a yachting sector that is world class and sustainable.

Officials expect that this will strengthen the economy and also improve the quality of life the local community has. More than that, the visitors are going to have memories that will last.

The Minister of Tourism, Hon. Richard Skerritt said that the sector isn’t solely dependent on the arrivals at the launching ceremony held on Thursday.  He said that the things that the visitors do, for how long they stay and how many people are on board who are spending their money matter as they are improving the quality of life someone else in the country has. This is what is addressed in the policy. They also encourage the owners of yachts to make their base here and also make the locals more interested in the yacht business. The key link to the economy is whether the government is encouraging all these.

The first step of creation of the Christophe Harbour Marina is about to be completed and will accommodate its first yacht on 9th December 2014. It will have 21 employees. Another marina named the Tamarind Cove Marina has got the approval of Nevis Island Administration and its construction is going to start in the coming days. The Urban Development Corporation is thinking about establishing another marina at port Zante other than St. Kitts Marina.

The policy was started in 2013 by Elizabeth Thompson the former Minister of Barbados. She was also the consultant approved by the ECLAC for this presentation. After the presentation, the final comments and feedback were also provided. Work is to be started shortly so that the provisions of the policy can be implemented.