25 thoughts on “Derek Trucks Performing “Sailing On” at Guitar Center’s King of the Blues 2010

  1. Yeah I said it twice now. Explain to me how comparing two playing styles of
    the same genre shows a lack of music knowledge. And you know what in my
    opinion and in actuality I think Derek is better all around. My reasons are
    stated in the last comment. Don’t get me wrong but I like both

  2. so much better than all the “finalists”, but still doesn’t take away from
    the fact that this competition is bullshit

  3. the fact that you think you can even remotely compare the 2 shows your lack
    of knowledge of music…both are world class players.

  4. @johhnyringolevio If I had to compete with Derek I would just not even get
    on stage…although it would be fun to be in a ‘slide off’ with him, even
    though he would smoke the shit out of anyone, dead or alive…

  5. I’m with “theatlantisrise.” I’ve seen them all in the 47 years since I
    started going to concerts back in the day. Going to see Derek again in
    three weeks with TTB.

  6. so if you compare Jimi Hendrix to another guitarist you can’t say who’s
    better out of the two? you must be “extremely stupid”.

  7. those were 16th notes. yeah i encountered that technique when i had to play
    chaka khan’s aint nobody on bass. those 16th notes are a mother to play on
    there but i used the thumb and index thing and i got it down now hahaha I
    love how derek just drops that in there

  8. well, how am I forcing it down your throat? 6 months ago i commented that
    derek trucks is a better guitar player. and who am I to say that?
    Megajames3000, as you can see, and i really don’t give a shit because I
    play the damn guitar and don’t cry about why people should think what I do.
    It’s fine to disagree, but to act like someone isn’t more skillful is dumb.
    My dick is ironclad. maybe that’s what you feel in your throat, bitch.

  9. @johhnyringolevio Of course they are! The rules are that you have to be
    ‘undiscovered,’ whatever that means!

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