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  1. Полностью согласен. Ну у нас в Кыргызстане ветра не такие уж очень сильные но погонять можно

  2. I have also found it good practice to tie the end of the gross-schott to my belt/buckle area, and wear a Levi’s jeans, buttoned and riveted version of Levi’s, for Finn sailing so that the belt does not rip off from the body of the trousers, and leave me in the water, with the boat being floated far away from myself, left in the middle of the water. As a result of the Kolontar 2010 disaster, I fell that my practice of sailing with a wooden mast, instead of an aluminium mast gives more bouyancy.

  3. When sailing the Finn, I have had the opportunity to rescue a fellow Finn sailor, who was very far away from his overturned boat, no life jacket, and could have drowned had I not noticed him, and picked him out of the water, and slumped him down into my Finn. Taking him in very possibly saved my life also on Lake Balaton, as I have almost always wore a life/bouyancy jacket after the event of rescuing him, and with his extra weight in my Finn, the two of us reached Balatonfoedvar harbour safely.

  4. The first Moth I have sailed was of a flat design, very stable, made of marine plyboard, and the mast was fixed with three metal wires and spanners. The second Moth was more of a narrow design, with a triangular front, and flatter back, also with a swert in the middle. The third, so called Europa Moth was also built of thinner marine plyboard, and looked almost like the Laser, wider at the back. The winged Moth I have not had the opportunity to try. Later I sailed a Finn on Lake Balaton,Hungary.

  5. I don’t like when the power boat gets too close to the sailboat, and the sailboat has to
    deal with the powerboats wake! The sailboat has a hard enough time trying to stay in
    control in the rough seas, and it makes it that much harder when the powerboat gets in
    too close to the sailboat just so the cameraman can get a good close up action shot!
    Give the sailboat a wide berth to maneuver, instead of tripping up the sailboat with wake turbulence!

  6. Lol, when you see sail boat that have flag almost bigger than sails… you know it got to be a Croatians

  7. 1: “Whatever we like – Iglu & Hartly”
    2: “In this city – Iglu & Hartly”

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