25 thoughts on “extreme sailing

  1. SauGeil, ich bin mit SLAYER aufgewachsen, und das Video mit Bloodline, einfach Top.

  2. I perfer doring most vids but especially sailing to listen to the weather and water if I want to hear the music I would just play it overtop..

  3. Best be wearing your safety line, not so much for safety but, really makes the skipper mad when he has to turn the boat around cause you couldn’t hang on.

  4. Great sailing clips! Didnt care for the screeching that pretended to be music but that was easy to deal with

  5. There are times to relax. And well theres times to crank the volume and rock out. When i do get to go sailing, its like camping 4 me. live off the boat 4 a month or two.

  6. Big thumbs up!! Put that rail in the water! Some do not know the adrenaline / shear terror that foul weather brings………. We crank this tune when the weather kicks up.

  7. I freakin LOVE the music to this! It’s about time someone captures the aggressive side of sailing! Great job!

  8. Calm weather yes but extreme!!! this is it!!! this song fits. by the way im over 30 man. Ive been sailing all my life.

  9. There would be music on my yacht – Stuff liek devil driver and Metallica to keep moral up and adrenaline pumping.

  10. You have to wonder if they would turn around and pick you up if you happened to fall overboard ?

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