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  1. Up here in Navajo Nation people are still made to believe that they came from Siberia, crossed the Bering Strait and walked 4000 miles of solid ice 15,000years ago. Our Native Americans look more like Polynesians, Filipinos or SE Asians, than Siberians. It is more plausible for them to cross 6,000 miles of open Pacific on Ocean sailing Catamaran. From there they can catch rain and fish to sustain a long trip.

  2. If you’d like to see how multihulls handle breaking waves check out, Surviving Hurricane Iniki Onslaught, and if you want to check out some good waves go see, Sailing South Pacific-Stormy Southern Ocean. Safe sailing.

  3. Bravo, now I am a believer, after all the polynesians were making over two hundred miles a day in their open water outrigger (catamaran) canoes, while the fastest naval ships were doing forty and thought that was fast. thanks. Now I know what my retirement home will be. Two hulls on the water.

  4. Heres a great video that demonstrates an example of monohull v. cat handling big seas. watch?v=iGnPGxaWp4g

  5. Like is demonstrated in this video, running with the seas is very comfortable but traveling upwind or even on a close reach in any significant seas can be uncomfortable. Even with exceptional clearance the tendency for waves to pound against the bottom of a cat is startling to many new owners. Also the motion of a cat, even a big one, is somewhat abrupt and difficult to anticipate. Any rolling motion abruptly ends as the leeward hull digs in. This can have a tendency to spill your coffee…..

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  8. Not wrong. Don’t just dismiss my whole statement. Ok I slipped up when I said you don’t see capsized monohulls, you’re right, but what I meant was you don’t see wrecked monohulls at sea unless it’s all above the water line problems such as broken rigging. The rest of comments about being holed still stand. Also when a monohull loses it’s keel as does happen, that’s it, all over. I’d much rather be in a cat any day, it’s a life raft!

  9. No wrong . Monohulls cannot capsize because they have a great lump of lead on the bottom even knocked over to 180 degrees they will bob up. Cats can capsize though very unlikely on one like this. Look at the Americas Cup vids for fast cats however and you see the problem. Hulls must be slim for speed but at the same time have enough buoyancy to ride over them.Pitchpoling a particular problem for designers

  10. To see a big cat going up wind during an ocean crossing check out

    “Sailing in 90ft cat in a gale, and in perfect conditions during Atlantic crossing”

    by the same guy.

  11. Superb vid. Youtube is good for this sort of info.

    My best friend was previously bullied. He stated he was planning to grow muscles. I laughed at him because I didn’t think he would for a second…. Til out of the blue he gained 40 pounds of full-strength muscle. He used the Muscle Building Bible – look in Google. Not a soul dares to intimidate him nowadays.

    I personally subscribed earlier this week. See exactly what goes on. And this guys emails are awesome…

  12. I enjoyed the commentary, particularly about the heavy cat’s. It does look pretty stable. I’d like to see how the boat does upwind in those conditions. It is a really nice boat. I like the boards.

  13. Many Coast Guards around the world uses catamarans. Especially for fast response boats. Just do a Google search!

  14. Bluewater yachts are suppose to self right (even do a 360) when knocked down, not sink. Being in a capsize situation is not safe, things go flying everywhere…watch?v=1mhCYcztA8E

  15. Reference to Pepewiwi about the upside down Cat. It was floating and they were safe! Do you know why you never see capsized monohulls? It’s not because they don’t capsize but because when they do they SINK! Also if you hole a monohull on a sea container of something, unless it’s quickly repairable… it will SINK! Modern Cat’s and Tris will float even if they are wrecked to pieces and if they capsize due to pushing them too hard, you still have shelter and all you provisions. They are very safe!

  16. Overall sailing in a cat is a more relaxed experience since you do not spend all your time at a 20degree angle or more. Rough weather means rougher ride in any boat period. If you want a smoother ride, then plan ahead for that. If you do not plan for weather its going to bite you for sure.

  17. i’ve been on a 46 cat going to wind with crossing seas, NOT FUN. think herky-jerky. as long as it is down wind or abaft the beam no problem anything upwind and i won’t take 2 cents for a cat.. just remember the source of the post….

  18. My experiences are roughly similar, having been in up to 50kts in a Lagoon downwind. However, on a particular Lagoon 570, a faster model, crossing from the Azores to Europe we sailed into 2-3m chop on top of the swell, with winds building near Cabo Sao Vicente. The waves on P quarter, occ. beam-on. Slowed her down from 16+knots to around 10-12kts but still waves hitting the bridgedeck. No one was able to sleep inside…very noisy slamming…So it’s not all roses and rainbows….

  19. One day I hope to own a Cat and this video gave me much insight on the performance thanks!

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