25 thoughts on “Incredible broach on a sailing boat

  1. whatever he did, he fucked up something. I know the type..want to tinker with everything til they fuck it up.

  2. Isn’t that a chinese gybe instead of a broach? He’s heeling windward and then gybes. Only after the gybe does he heel leeward.

    Just a technicallity, nice save by the guy. Sense it one second later and you’re swimming.

  3. I have so much to say about this… I just don’t know where to start… or where to finish

  4. Some really retarded comments on here. Bernard is a Master Mariner and consummate artist on the Open 60s.

  5. Look like he maybe going down wind and after messing with the auto pilot / tiller,  it gybes and over it goes.

  6. And a little bit of vodka in the orange drink? 😀 That’s just vodka, orange, ’cause that’s the drink. No nationality slur intended to ANYONE OK?

  7. If that’s a tiller, it seems to have very little pressure on it. Is that some form of steering device? Why does it flop about so?

  8. I like the alarm that goes off about 10 seconds after the boat falls on its’ side. As if it’s saying “did you notice that your boat is tilted 90 degrees sideways? You may want to look into it.”

  9. Amazing how he didn’t panic, If that ever happened to me while being alone I’d fuck off into the water.

  10. Just wondering, could he have released or relaxed the main in time to prevent, or the the boats built balls out and deal with the results?

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