25 thoughts on “Liveaboard life: self-sufficient w/ solar, sails & VHF radio

  1. Always want to take to the level that you’re taking …Sailing awesome…. I really enjoyed your videos…. thanks for sharing your experiences….

  2. when your fuel tank is low, its hard to start the engine. The engine has to suck in the fuel making it easy to suck small amount of air. If your running already thats not a problem. A smaller tank that can be higher above the engine used to start the engine then shift back to the bigger lower tank. The less fuel in your tank, the lower the fuel (no gravity assist) – harder to start.

  3. In my 20s I vowed to sell everything and move to an island if I wasn’t rich and successful by 25. Then 25 came and I moved it up to 30. Then came 30. Oh, well. Funny how your priorities change as you age. Happiness begins to supersede creature comforts. Comfortable but not rich, at 65 I am about to realize the dream of moving to an island, St. John’s in the Virgin Islands in particular, running cruise and dive charters. Why didn’t I do this when I was 25? I admire your free spirit. Good luck!

  4. You are so cute and spunky. I admire your attitude. Diesel engines are the simplest of engines to work on. Think of the engine as a series of related, coordinated events that work in synchronicity. It’s very few events and once you understand how one effects the other you’ve got it licked. You can also find just about anything on YouTube. Add 5 more marine grade, deep charge batteries connected in series to an inverter. Switch your lighting to LED. That should take care of your power issues.

  5. She blogged about this very common, cynical comment. She worked and saved and spends very little. If you buy a huge boat and all the so-called “modern& neccessary” accessories(i.e. refrigeration,a/c,water maker;nightly meals out ashore, gps chartplotter/radar etc).. and pay marina fees every night.It is very expensive. But if you are frugal and you only spend when it is unavoidable. It is do-able if you want it bad enough.

  6. Did you go ashore, if you ever want to swop places let me know. I live in a house with noisy neighbours btw

  7. Yes, wouldn’t we all be fine if there was an endless supply of money. But you would also be lost of some of the experience of being resourceful and independent. I felt good about making my living being a waitress. It was enough to afford the life on this boat. It was a fantastic life. ~Teresa

  8. Ah, but I had all the time in the world! I fixed my engine and it was a-ok. But I used the sails more often, and I don’t need fuel for that. No need for electricity. When my solar panels were producing enough electricity, it was a luxury. But not a necessity. I already look back on my experience and am amazed, but not because I “could die.” I’m amazed by how little I needed and how resourceful I became. I’m amazed that others haven’t figured that out too! I always sailed with full safety gear.

  9. You would be surprised by how accessible this life is to those who are willing to work. I don’t have a trust fund. I did a lot of jobs. Most often I was a waitress and saved all my tips. Thats how I did it. Pretty simple. Pretty frugal too.

  10. Dear irrelevant13 your name suits your fail at life because this is very possible, its called being smart, and ambitious. Don’t feel bad some people just don’t have it.

  11. Do you have any idea how much money all this costs?? The kind of life style she is living IS NOT cheap. Unless she is a trust fund baby, has a financial backer, or some other abnormal way she makes money, this just isn’t possible for average income people. I know…. I tried. And lost everything. But kudos to the girl.

  12. And on land , in the wrong circumstances, she could be hit by a bus tomorrow and die. Or die of that heart attack you mentioned.

    Life is short, too short to be timid and “safe.” (Safety is just an illusion anyway.) Get out there and live! More of us should be out there and living boldly like she’s doing–whether on ships or in other ways.

  13. you know if she has parents they must be on the verge of getting a heart attack. i’m about to have a heart attack just hearing her talk about barely being able to fix her motor, barely having any gas, barely having electricity. it’s not like being on land and hanging by a thread and living hand to mouth. at sea, in the wrong circumstances, living where she is, she will die. if and when she is older she will look back on this time and be amazed at her own innocence and boldness.

  14. Exactly what I was thinking. I’d be fine if I had someone funding everything I do, sounds great.

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