25 thoughts on “One Piece Sailing Day

  1. ↓そう。

    劇場版「 デッドエンドの冒険」っていう映画の主題歌ね!

  2. I am a huge Bump of chicken fan when i 1st saw Sailing day i was like WHATS WITH ALL DOES LUFFEYS ! and thus 3 or more yrs later im now starting to watch One Piece again cause i just cant handle the freeness of this song episode 19 out of 500 and something LES GO ! xD

  3. Sailing Day いろいろ見てみましたが、この編集が一番好きです!映画のEDもこんな風に映画のダイジェストの映像にしてほしかったなー

  4. THIS IS ONE PIECE!!naivete, adventure, funny scenes, passion, dreams, friendship,emotions!!!This is why i love One Piece!!

  5. Anime freaks player takes to long to load
    Plays this song in wait
    Comes back to find ALL the episodes are ready to play
    Crys with joy T_T

  6. And i only remember zoro and luffy only theme the others i dont really remember

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