25 thoughts on “Sailing adventure with laser2, 4,2m sailboat-1500Nm in Adriatic sea!

  1. pretty incredible. the kind of thing I used to imagine doing long ago.
    well done!

  2. Thinking bout doing similar on a moth in NZ can you give a gear list?
    Like safety equip and whiz

  3. This video is amazing! It really lifts the spirits to see what can be done
    on very little money but with lots of willpower! The guy sails a dinghy
    that weighs only 80kg a distance of 2000km by sea! What freedom! I’m
    totally envious. I would love to just bugger off and sail into the sunset
    like this fella does. Well worth a watch. It might just cheer you up!

  4. An excellent video but quite too short !!!!! could you one day make a
    longer movie.. A french Laser Standard Sailor.

  5. Well done. What month(s) did you sail? Also did you carry all your own food
    on board or did you stop and purchase as you went? I have to ask how you
    managed to stop the auto bailer from leaking, I have sailed Laser II and I
    found the bailer to be prone to leaking.

  6. Fantastic sailing trip and wonderfull boat as well – Go Laser Go !! Bart –
    Nazareth Belgium

  7. That would be more extreme 🙂 You might prefere this video: search for:
    Sailing from Nordkapp to Stockholm – Project Scandinavia 2012 by Igor

  8. Sailing from Nordkapp to Stockholm. Search Igor Stropnik on you tube and
    look at film ”Katamaranom na napuhavanje do Stocholma”

  9. Anyway…If i will have enough money and time I would like to go to a
    similar journey with my dinghy……RESPECT!

  10. It was june and july. I had most of food aboard but had to stop for the
    water.Bailer was ok but as I was overloaded water was leaking in from
    dagerboard hole so I put ducktape over every night to stay dry.

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