25 thoughts on “Sailing by 黃露儀 Tracy Huang

  1. There IS an 8-cd pack of all her ‘best’ around, “Evergreen collection”, I
    got it from CDhut singapore 😀

  2. The Passion behind her singing is so visible, singing from the depth of her
    heart. Making Rod Stewart proud of his composition. Etta Girl Yur the best..

  3. Thanks for this beautiful song. Sooo enchantingly sung!!! We love you Ms.

  4. she was a great voice in the early 80’s among Chinese singers. I was in
    Taipei with my band when I first heard her sung Inside of my guitar and I
    don’t like to sleep alone. She’s a contemporary of Teresa Teng for whom I
    worked with while i was in Taipei the early 80’s..

  5. At 3.47 the late great Martin Pereira comes in on lead guitar with his
    massive bending.

  6. why cant i buy the cd with all these lovely songs and this beautiful
    singer,can anyone tell me ??.

  7. tracy huang has the unique ability to sing any songs and also makes them
    sound very beautiful…her voice is unique and always very nice to listen

  8. Wow yet again i am amazed, Like i said, not even my type of music but shes
    great, Im a heavy metal, Basshead, Dubstep person but i could listen to her
    songs, Wish i could get her music collection to sample!

  9. This was a Singapore Supersession. Martin Pereira (guitar), Patrick Seet
    (bass), Tony Zee (drums) and keyboards by Jimmy Chan . Arranged by Reggie

  10. I am sailing, I am sailing. home again, ‘cross the sea. I am sailing
    stormy waters To be near you, to be free I am flying, I am flying Like a
    bird ‘cross the sky I am flying, passing high clouds To be with you, to be
    free Can you hear me, can you hear me through the dark night far away I am
    dying, forever trying To be with you, who can say (x2) We are sailing, we
    are sailing Home again ‘cross the sea We are sailing stormy waters To be
    near you, to be free

  11. Thanks for whoever posting this beautiful song sung by Tracy, which has
    recalled my down the time memory during my younger days !

  12. Thank you for uploading sailing by tracy huang. I like very much this
    particular song early 70th.

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