Two Australian sailors missed out on Gold Medal

In a much talked about manner, the sailing team from Australia located off the coast of Southern France, Darren bundock and Nina Curtis have lost upon world cup gold medal.

On Saturday, at the Hyeres the duo Australian winners won gold medals and came in fourth position. But it might have been quite a better performance. In the class of Nacra Catamaran, when the organizers altered the route of the chase puzzling the Australians were sent back on the wrong path the duo silver medalists Curtis and Bundock moved down from first to third.

Despite the last minute change of their path the duo rebuffed to blame either of them rather than themselves who had begun the sailing in November. Bundock spoke that they needed to complete within four boats of Italians or the three boats of the French. They were going their way during the race but in the meantime they edited the route and they puffed up on the whole.

Curtis told that it was shameful for them. Because of being a new group it’s nice to watch such things beforehand on so that they can never commit this type of mistake again. Tom Burton in the laser class got his second consecutive world cup gold medal. Expanding their long run of good form with less effort Mat Belcher, the world sailor and his crew partner, Will Ryan got the gold medal in the men’s 470 division.

Iain Jensen and Nathan Outeridge are the medalists in Olympic, won the bronze after a tricky week. Outeridge got hurt when he was hit by another boat on the end day of regatta, when the duo Australians started the medal races in the fifth position. They moved to third position after a splendid presentation on the last day.