25 thoughts on “Guns ‘n’ Roses Sailing (Live)

  1. this is the kinda thing that the original line up fans would love.. the axl
    passion from back in the day.

  2. Great song but that person talking the whole song is annoying. Than she
    stops when it’s over lol

  3. Get this bad boy on an album Axl–it’s much better than Rod’s version. Can
    you hear me?!

  4. Axl’s voices is incredible….that’s so magnific,…wonderfull…i really
    love this version…is more great than original. I love his voice! I can’t
    stop to listen this.

  5. I hope there is a Chinese Democracy 2. Think should have been on the last
    one. ooh.

  6. I’m from Atlanta, there is a strong(and basicly confirmed) rumor that they
    will tour South America in March. Go to mygnrforum. Com for more info

  7. I die again an again))))))) I adore this! The power of Axl voice!!! ..Btw I
    never didn’t like the original so much)

  8. @danceman5000, how do you know this information? it would be great if its
    true though. this is a beautiful cover.

  9. wonderfull i love guns and roses this is the best band forever and God of
    hard rock for me great. Largue respect for axl from Poland

  10. this WILL be on ‘chinese democracy 2’, there is a studio version that was
    ditched at the last minute on chinese democracy because axl thought it
    shouldnt have covers but the follow up will

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