25 thoughts on “Sailing Cape Horn

  1. Oh sailing Cape Horn is nothing. One time I swam New York to San Francisco via Cape Horn because I needed a little bit of exercise.

  2. Waves as high as the Empire State Building? You know that’s 440m high right? Southern Ocean waves very rarely go over 30m.

    That said, totally agree with everything else you said, absolute incredible feat of endurance in some mind-blowing conditions!

  3. waves as high as the empire state building. WOW…. seeing how the empire state building is 1454′ tall why don’t we hear more about these massive wave????? the largest ever wave was 1740′ in alaska 1958 and that took a earth quake of 8.3 to produce it. in REALITY the waves in the southern ocean are more like 30′-50′ with a VERY OCCASIONAL 70’+. next time you tell a story start it off with “ONCE UPON A TIME” that way you’ll look less of a dumbass with your exaggeration.

  4. Cape Horn does not mean precesaly the original name. It better be named Cape of Ovens, cause the references was to the fires on the coast seen from the spanish ships. Indians knew to keep fire on their canoas.

  5. You know when you see the guy on the helm in a full face helmet you know that is some serious sailing. Wow… great video. REAL sailors! The speed is incredible, how fast are you going there ? Thanks for sharing!

  6. All you can do is insult others, you have no valid contribution to make, at least I can sail and have my own boat, what do you have apart from a foul mouth and mind?

  7. Zorkabess; you are a complete waste of space! Do you know what the Vende Globe Race is? The “snot nosed whore” you are referring to sailed single-handedly around the world via the Southern Ocean where there are hurricaine force winds and waves as high as the empire state building. It is by far the most extreme of all sports. She endured these conditions for four monhts and and had to make split decisions under inthinkable stress. She has more balls then you’ll ever have-you ignorant clown.

  8. do you have to be such an offensive viewer or are you just naturally offensive to everyone

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