18 thoughts on “Sailing from Hawaii to Alaska – Day 8 Part 2: Debris

  1. I am really enjoying these videos on this trip, you both make some great footage. I was gonna ask the same question Curveball asked, but he beat me to it. I think it would be really great to see you in the Caribbean, and see the footage you two get from there.

  2. Do you guys ever go to the Caribbean? That would be interesting to see what that trip would be like from the West Coast, having to go through the Panama canal, etc.
    My wife and I love your videos !

  3. I went to a cruising seminar and a few people at the seminar said they had good luck using head and shoulders shampoo in salt water. They said it lathers just fine and rinses well too. I couldn’t say from my own experience but I thought I would pass it forward.

    Another great video. I truly enjoy watching your travels and look forward to more in the future.

    Thank you

  4. Ventilation. That is the short answer. We will be doing a video on the subject and we are preparing an article that will be available on our website soon.

  5. I have a question: how do you keep the humidity inside the cabin down, like at dew point? I slept overnight on my sailboat once and it seemed like everything had a film of water over it. It was a good thing I kept my electronics in my waterproof box.

  6. I am still refining the recipe trying to duplicate the store bought Naan Bread we found at Costco. When I get it right I will share.

  7. I actually had to look that up. Not yet, but I may if I feel I have sufficiently recovered my lost skills. Practicing for the Christmas season now.

  8. Noticed the website you said you play the cornet. That’s cool! Do you ever do any busking?

  9. Yay, good to see Brie. I don’t remember seeing the recipe for the flat bread on your website. I know among cruisers it is a common and loved go to food for busy days. Would you mind sharing your flat bread recipe?

  10. To some its like a big boring pond or the deadly sea that will surely take your life if you go “out there.” Thanks for showing us a different view of traveling safely and smartly in a sailboat – you both show such confidence and do it with a smile. Thank you for showing Bree…knowing she was sick there makes me rather sad. Thank you for posting another great video!

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