24 thoughts on “Seattle to Alaska four month Inside Passage Sailing trip Cambria 48 April – September 2011, Part I

  1. Hi Jay and Tony. Great Video.
    Did you do anything special to the bicycles? Grease or oil? Did you rinse them off with fresh water often, or just ignore them until you needed them?

  2. I am only 12 min into this video and LOVE it so far. Jayson, you did a wonderful job on editing and music. You’ve got my attention for the weekend as I marathon your channel!!! PS, I live in Alaska and we are planning to retire soon and considering boat living full time.

  3. Thank you for this video ! great boat, great music, great crew, nice images……it’s a nice gift you give us !!!! ( sorry for my poor english, i’m french) . I hope to do such a trip, one day….!


    Jean michel

  4. Hi John, We had 3. The GoPro is great but sound was poor esp when in the waterproof holder. The best camera for scenic shots and video seems to be the Canon 7D and we had the 18/200 lens. The cannon is the only large capacity camera we found that was able to handle a damp environment. We also used the iPhone. It shot great videos. If you can solve the sound issues , GoPro is great.

  5. Great Video…What type of cameras are you using? Do you mount a GoPro? I am sailing in June from France to Cape Cod and want to make sure I have the right cameras

  6. Hi Steve, thanks for the kind words. I grew up in RI and missed sailing to Maine and points north. Its a bucket list item for me someday.. Love the Caribbean and hope to sail there again some day. We are in SF Bay this year and maybe next I will sail back up to Alaska and do this again. It was so freaking beautiful up there I just miss Alaska very much. Cheers, Jay

  7. thanks for the kind words and I am glad we could share our adventure. What kind of design did you build? Any pics online? I love boat building and restoring high quality sailing yachts. Cheers Jay

  8. Your trip videos were a life changing experience for me. I was especially interested because I’m thinking about such a trip in a boat I built. Seeing what it really looks like out there and what the daily experience was like including weather and sea conditions, helped me understand better what is needed to do a trip like that. Thanks for making the videos.

  9. Wow great photography beautiful boat the music and production wonderful. The scenery and the way you are dressed reminds me of great memories sailing Maine. Been sailing tropics for past 17 years not as inspirational as your setting but the warm trades help make up for it.
    Fair winds and calm seas
    Steve ~~~~ __/) ~~~~~~

  10. thanks for the note. We hadn’t thought of that. The word by the was printed this way on our charts. Glad to know know though . We can’t or at least don’t know how to make changes to the video already posted. Hopefully people will know we harbor no such thoughts. Glad you are enjoying our home movies. We like Montague a lot. We are in SF now on board and hope to sail back to the PacNW in the summer. Cheers Jason n Tony n Windy.

  11. Wow. That sure looks like my dad’s boat at 13:40…the navy blue Coastal Cruiser (bottom left)!! My parents spend a lot of time Montague.

  12. Hey Mate, She is a custom built Cambria 48. Built in my home town in Rhode Island. A cool boat to sail. Fast and safe. Cheers, Jay

  13. #6 of comment continued……… A trip of a life time. I grew up in Rhode Island and sailed everywhere on the east coast, and by far, the PacNW is the best sailing I have ever experienced. Esp in the Seattle area where we hope to sail Sapphire back to next spring.

  14. #5 of comment continued……We are lucky to own a Cambria. We had a Westsail 32 before our Cambria, By surprise, Sapphire came available from a bank auction in 2009 in Rhode Island. We bought her and knew she would take us quickly and safely anywhere we want to go. The inside passage is a mix of motoring, motoring, and some sailing… We sailed more in April, May and also on the outside legs in the Gulf of Alaska and near Queen Charlottes.

  15. #4 of comment continued ……….The beaches are narrow and its easy to have a bear come onto the beach in front of and behind you…The most aggressive are the smaller black bears.The grizzlies seem to have a reputation of being able to be negotiated with. Not the black bears..There is no problem for sailing thru Canada with a riffle as long as you properly follow the rules.

  16. #3 of comment Continued ……..We did buy two new headsails for the boat this year, the old ones had no leach lines, were stretched and we could not get the luff upwind well under control in some circumstances .Once in Alaska waters , we bought a riffle for bear protection.. We know all sides of this, but we learned from the locals. Children wear sidearms in these areas and so do we. We have the spray, bells and whistles and we also have a Gov 45/70 riffle. We encountered many bears.

  17. # 2 of comment continued……. They are still working fine… also the Cambria’s, sparse traditional NE design, just didn’t have space anywhere below for bikes. We did pack the boat with 250 meals, planning our food and menus well in advance and to best use space and resources… Also, Tony did get his hands dirty with the heads after our return. He stripped and sanded and rebuilt both heads with new 2 part paint. They look great now.

  18. Hi Everyone, Sorry for delays. Just finished a sail from BC to SFO and getting settled in town. To answer some questions , Windy’s lifejacket is a Paws Aboard LJ.. She was born cute and is a wonderful little sailing dog. We pee pad trained her and never had to be pressured to row her ashore. The bikes were under a $100.00 for both, used, and we kept them lubed.

  19. one word Excellent !!!!! it was a great video and a dream of mine to do some day. thanks for sharing.

  20. Out of curiosity what is the make of your dogs life jacket? And where did you get it? Thanks!

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