Ashby Re-signed By Team New Zealand

Recently in the ISAF Sailing World Cup (Melbourne), Glenn Ashby- the multihull specialist from Australia revealed that he had turned down the offer of being a part of Team Australia only after he had been re-signed by Team New Zealand. Ashby said that he had some unfinished business left because of which he decided to stick with the Kiwis. He also loves being involved in the design procedure with the New Zealand Team, added Glenn Ashby.

The Government of New Zealand gave a five million dollar grant to Team NZ to not only resign Glenn Ashby but all the important members associated with the sail and design team. This means that the Government is providing unconditional support to Team NZ. Grant Dalton-the head of Team New Zealand is trying hard to get commercial sponsorship so that the team can compete with USA’s Team Oracle in the 35th edition of America’s Cup or Auld Mug.

Glenn Ashby was a very vital member of Team NZ during the 34th edition of America’s Cup which was held in September 2013. Despite the hard work of Team NZ and Ashby, the defender team Oracle won the Auld Mug.

Ashby had previously helped Team Oracle win the America’s Cup in the year 2010 against Alinghi. He had actually coached Jimmy Spithill (Oracle) in relation to sailing multihulls.

Australia is planning to make a superb comeback as a challenger in the 35th America’s Cup and thus is trying to get hold of talented sailors from the other well-known syndicates. But, no popular sailors have been recruited by Team Australia as such. So sailing fans are a little doubtful about how Australia will actually perform in the upcoming Auld Mug.

Sometime next month the date, venue and rules of the 35th America’s Cup will be announced. However, cataramans are surely being utilized for the event.