Torqeedo Succeeds In Acquiring Moonwave Systems

Torqeedo has finally acquired one of the biggest companies in yachting, the Moonwave Systems. The news went viral after the confirmation was done on the 18th of January in Dusseldorf where a boat show was going on. This would mean that two of the best companies in yachting will be working together from now and with their innovation and knowledge in electric and hybrid drives new records will be achieved and it will be good for the yachting industry. Torqeedo has also been reported to have entered into the hybrid drive sector and this was quite a surprise to people. The agreement has already been signed by the companies and the official documents have also been prepared about the takeover. With these two joining hands there will be developmental changes and the initial plans have already been laid out that includes the inclusion of both AC and DC power in the yachts and also the up gradation of the hybrid electric propulsion.

Apart from this it will also be seen whether the air conditioning is working properly or not. In addition to this the home appliances will also be checked thoroughly and some additions will be made. The best thing that these two companies have decided to do is use the green energy. This will be generated from the solar cells and to some extent the unused energy will be regenerated. The vessel’s energy management will also be enhanced in a few days once the companies start working full time. Dr. Christoph Ballin the CEO of Torqeedo after the amalgamation said that it is a very big step for both the companies and it would give them huge resources to work with. This would not only be beneficial to them but also for the yachting industry as well.