Team Australia Wins The Popular Coastal Yacht Race

Considered to be the icebreaker race in the sailing world, the 2013 PIC Insurance Brokers Coastal Classic was won by Team Australia on 25th October, 2013 at around 6:15pm in the evening which means that Team Australia reached the finish line at Russell, 8 hours and fifteen minutes after the race had begun in Auckland (Devonport Wharf). Team Australia was around thirty-seven minutes ahead of Team Vodafone.

Team Australia, under the headship of Sean Langman was able to break Team Vodafone’s winning streak. However, it was not able to break Team Vodafone’s record time of sub-six hour. Team Vodafone and Team Australia were the only sailing teams who reached Russell. Eight sailing teams had to withdraw from the race because of gear breakages. On the other hand, some other teams were still on their way to Russell.

Team Australia was defeated by Team Vodafone on 23rd October 2013. Team Australia defeated Team Vodafone in the Coastal Classic that was won by this team thrice. It seems that this race was absolutely frustrating for Team Vodafone. Team Vodafone was around 500m ahead of Team Australia at about mid afternoon. But Team Australia was able to take a lead because it found a better and new breeze. Team Vodafone was traveling at slower speeds whereas Team Australia benefitted from a good wind angle and reached Tutukaka quickly.

Matthew Flynn, spokesperson of PIC Insurance Brokers Coastal Classic congratulated the winning team and said that Team Australia crossed the finishing line looking comfortable and relaxed. Flynn said that the perfect wind conditions provided the necessary lead to Team Australia.

Here is a list of the top ten sailing teams who finished the PIC Insurance Brokers Coastal Classic yacht race: Team Australia, Team Vodafone, Team Giacomo, Team Taeping, Team Charleston, Team Georgia, Team V5, Team Wired, Team Kia Kaha 52 and Team Dragon.