25 thoughts on “The Toughest Sailing Race in the World – Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12

  1. Football, soccer, icehockey, here you’re houndreds of miles from shore.
    This must be the most macho competition in the world.

  2. That would be the Vendee Globe race. Why dont they design these boats as they do on the Vende Globe with covers over the crew so they can concentrate on sailing instead of hanging on. Dont tell me its weight when there is two tons of water on the boat.

  3. Why do have an “upside down bow” up forrard to break that spray and big waves
    It must slow them down becoming a submarine all the time.

  4. Why did they bother getting a lift on a ship through the Indian Ocean, no pirate would be able to catch them.

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  6. Really amazing race….

    I’m looking for the main title of the song. Anyone knows it?

  7. Truly remakiable footage. Spot on as to the experience. Will watch agsin and again and tell all my friends. Thanks so much for posting

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