25 thoughts on “Amazing Sailing Videos of When It’s “Fresh to Frightening”

  1. aerodog2 need’s to brush up on his COLREGS. Sail does not have right-of-way over power. The ferry is restricted in it’s ability to maneuver much like an oil tanker, or cargo ship is. Do your homework!

  2. Geoff, the State Ferries may hoist whatever pennant they care to, it does not justify running down that skiff in the water. Here in the USA, 1) Sail has right of way over power, 2) You turn your wheel a bit to avoid killing people, 3) You stop to render assistance if you DO cause a calamity. That ferry Captain has no business in the wheelhouse. I can see now why the State took all your guns away – it’s the only way they could run down the peasants for sport without fear of retribution!

  3. You have to remember the old saying about sailing “when the wind drops,the fun stops”.I’ve sailed Sydney Harbour & Geoff Waller is dead right…ferries even have right of way over God!

  4. IF the skiff was really damaged and stationary, I do not think the ferry has the right to run it down. I believe damaged vessels, out of control, always have the right of way.

  5. the 18 foot skiff had also been stationary for a while because they were repairing it. but, as you say, the ferry has right of way, it doesn’t have the right to be a dick though, he could have gone around.

  6. Yes and we all, really should know why beach volleyball is such a big deal too ha, ha.

  7. Are you trolling, Sir? I’m just avoiding the tabletennis and womens basketball matter (though I must say I lol’d) and agree with you sailing is very badass.

  8. just because something is in the olympics doesnt mean its a sport… i mean look at ping pong and womens basketball. neither are sports. but sailing is badass

  9. Huh? I never knew there were people questioning that. Darts? Chess? Ok. But sailing?
    It’s even an olympic sport?

  10. 2:10 to 3:10 omg i was on the edge of my seat! so much skill displayed in that minute of footage

  11. the guy who taught me to sail (over 30 years ago) told me there are only two types of sailors; those who have capsized and those who will.

  12. I did 20 knots at cowes week… I was in a sb3 and we just went for it…. it was crazy

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