24 thoughts on “Sailing in 90ft cat in a gale, and in perfect conditions during Atlantic crossing

  1. I’m very confused by your instrument readings. Your registered boat speed was 8-9s while you’re reading off the number to the left of it that is labeled SOG while describing boat comfort. I would suspect that speed relative to the water would matter much more for boat comfort.

  2. using terminology that I am not familiar with…never heard of sails classified by “code” names….sailed most of my life…felt like it was out of a book….bolts…sheets lines…etc. I guess it really doesn’t matter…how many people were on board. interesting….good job….

  3. Very well presented. We can all appreciate the grandeur of such a large Cat but your summary helps to keep in perspective the immense amount of care, maintenance, and knowledge necessary to keep up with her.  Thanks!

  4. You’re not alone, I was thinking 20-25 knots cruising speed at least, I think she’s quite slow for 90 feet…

  5. Wow….thanks for the experience of a big cat voyage. Would love to cruise on the your boat. I don’t imagine you sell berths?

  6. The small cats are quicker because they fly the windward hull, except for the real speed machines (banke populare) the big cats don’t fly hulls. They are still a bit quicker than equivalent monohulls but their main advantage is the fact that they are so stable and have such a huge amount of room onboard.

  7. Ithought cats could move much faster because of no single hull line liabilities? Like on a tiny Hobie Cat 16, but on a 90 ft cat, I thought 30 knots -40 would be possible because of the canopy and the hull skimming with so little resistance? What am I getting wrong in this thinking? Great lecture on cat sailing, or large cat sailing by the way, probably the best on UTube to me!

  8. Glorious yacht.What is the interior square footage?Seems like the ultimate mansion at sea.

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