7 thoughts on “Chesapeake Bay Photographer’s Sailing Adventure – Experiential Learning @ Washington College

  1. Makes me a bit nervous. I am heading to CB in two weeks to sail for a week. Looks beautiful though!! Im super excited!

  2. Terrific visual experience. Thoroughly enjoyable. Next time, however, please consider slowing down the narration.

  3. Excellent learning experience, Wonderful opportunity, well done…
    a former educator and sailor.


  4. Very nicely done! Ive got to agree with scuttle0713 but with engines the one reliable thing I found is that they have a tendancy to fail! Sails n anchors always ready is a good way to go.

  5. Really great video. It’s a pro production job and captured the spirit of what makes some of us venture out on the Bay under sail.

  6. Nicely done, looked like it was great fun. BTW an impeller, as well as belts, filters, and gaskets for the seawater strainer, is considered one of those items that should be carried on the boat and replaced regularly.

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