25 thoughts on “Sailing at 126 mph – Greenbird

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  2. No they can go faster then the wind by using vectors, for example if the wind was blowing 10 mph and you are moving 8 your apparent wind would be 12 . You can figure this out by using the Pythagorean therum

  3. it has to do with the apparent wind as you go faster the air over your sail from the movement contributes to your speed in turn also increasing the apparent wind in a vicious cycle until Resistance of either the air or on a boat the water prevents you from going any faster

  4. Sorry guys, just read some past comments? Physics being as they are, True / Apparent wind speed & direction change to forward greatly with just speed. 15 – 20 mph of wind can move most of these low drag machines Much faster than standing/True wind speed Alot

  5. I was there to see that run in person – I was attending NABX.net – neat machine but it did tear up the playa a bit 🙁 and we didn’t care for that.

  6. Think of when you have been in a car on the freeway with the window open. You can feel the wind blowing very strongly from straight in front of you. That is because the car is moving through the air causing it to hit your hand. The same thing happens here. As the car moves through the air it creates more airflow over its sail which has the same effect as adding more wind. This is called apparent wind and it allows land yachts (and some boats) to travel faster than the wind is blowing.

  7. further to my previous comment we also raced class 2 land yachts sponsored by embassy cigarettes these were powered by pocket luff sails and in internationl events were very successful

  8. in the 1970s we sailed reverable wing land yacht on raf upwood airfield it was very fast but hard to ccontroll the main pilot was les damsell from gloustershire i have an old black and white photo of the craft

  9. I would hate to get clipped in the shins by that bar that reaches out to the third wheel. . .

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