23 thoughts on “Extreme Laser sailing with Jeremy O’Connell

  1. Best of luck to this guy on his dream of become an olympic sailor, Im not Australian but you would certainly destroy the competition of other sailors in Canada. I also sail laser but not as a serious sport. I race occasionally but hockey is my main sport. Best of luck to you on fulfilling your dream.

  2. Radial rigs have blue on the head, clew, and tack. They also have a different cut to them.

  3. I have never seen anything like this. I am amazed I am only a rookie laser sailor but I am going to keep you as a idle good job.

  4. I am only 13 and you made my day. My favorite kind of music with my favorite kind of sport. Amazing job please check out my channel thanks.

  5. Great video, who ever was running the camera did a great job. Love the underwater shots! Keep sailing, you’ll get there!

  6. I live over in Great Britain and I sail radials, I can’t tell you how Jealous I’am of the weather you get over there! Fantastic video! you guys nailed it!

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