25 thoughts on “Sailing in the Greek Ionian Sea – July 2011 – S/Y Thetis

  1. Sorry about that! It’s indeed one of our first videos and it was filmed with sub-par technology. We hope to have improved since then. Ciao, Marco & Desiree

  2. I don’t like Italian, but this movie is very positive for me 🙂 good holliday time… 🙂 and nice sailing 🙂

  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Indeed many places/people in Corfu are named Spiro(s), but we didn’t count them all. 😉 Fair winds and following seas! 🙂 Ciao, Marco and Desiree

  4. Is it true half the men on Corfu are named Spiro?Great video,this is gracious living.

  5. That’s awesome! We wish you much luck with your dream job. Keep us posted!!! 🙂
    Marco and Desiree

  6. Hi! Sailing is truly wonderful thing to do, yes 🙂
    At the end of my course, our instructor asked why do I still work on land with my hospitality background. So I came back to UK, quit the job and I’m going to apply for work on some nice luxury sailboat in Med/Carib. Sounds like a nice way to travel for few months (or years)

  7. Dear Foxchosen, we are really honored to have inspired you to become a skipper! Sailing is one of the most fulfilling and respectful ways to visit many hidden corners of our beautiful planet. Glad you enjoyed Greece! What’s next on your list? We hope to meet you somewhere, someday. Maybe we will moor close by. Fair winds!!! Marco & Desiree

  8. Hello! I must have watched this video at least five times and I admit it was one of the reasons I decided to go and learn sailing in ionian. I guess I just wanted to see all the beautiful places you visited.
    Now, it’s few days after I came back as a certified skipper, and I wanted to thank you. Also, those clear blue bays are even nicer in reality! 🙂

  9. Mille grazie Andrea! Continua a guardarci, abbiamo nuovi video a cui stiamo lavorando. Buon vento! Ciao, Marco e Desiree

  10. All right Robert, I guess we cannot please everyone. Thanks anyway for watching our video! 🙂

  11. Veramente bello. Mi piace l’allegrazi di fondo che regna sovrana. Vi sono fiction professionali molto peggiori. Complimenti.

  12. Dear LondonSpaz,
    no worries, there are no annoying questions here. 🙂
    Yes, when you enter a foreign country by sailing boat the first thing you are supposed to do is to clear immigration and customs. You raise a yellow Q flag, together with (or in place of) the courtesy one, to signal you are not yet cleared and head to the closest harbor with immigration/customs. Check out our BVI videos: the first stop in Virgin Gorda from St. Martin was exactly for that purpose. Ciao! Marco and Desiree

  13. You seem like friendly people so may I ask this ignorant question without annoying you too much please, when you’re sailing along the coasts of a foreign country do you need to dock at a port and let the authorities know you’re there or can you simply anchor offshore in a remote place and go to a nice beach that you’ve seen with no problems?

  14. Indeed, they’re much better. Forgive me for the delay, but only now have I noticed your answer.
    Anyway, I am left intrigued to why Desirée thinks that Bavaria can’t design interiors. As somebody who is just now beguinning to have interest on sail yachts, I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Bavaria so far.

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