25 thoughts on “Fishing Vessel hits large Sailing Vessel in Good Visibility 20/8/2010

  1. I don’t recall her using tugboats at kielerwoche and you definitely need an engine-power to sail in and out of that area during that festival!

  2. Always the same they drinking coffee in the back put on the fishing lights but leave the nets insight.
    I have seen this manny times before .

  3. The fishing vessel was at fault,but the sailing vessel made no attempt to avoid collision,at least,from the video it appears to be the case.
    You must,if possible,take any avoiding action to a possible collision.

    Having said that, the fishing vessel skipper should lose his ticket for not ensuring proper watchkeeping,obviously no one was at the wheel.

  4. This was the Humboldt not the Humboldt II, I was unaware that the Humboldt had an engine. Do you happen to know how many horsepower?

  5. it has an auxillary MAN diesel engine. I can only think of one tall ship that doesnt have an engine, tres hombres. Hope the fishermens insurance paid all costs.

  6. Easy done he was probably at the end of a big trip without hardly any sleep was put on watch and fell asleep

  7. Wow, these comments are hilarious! The trawler was clearly the give way vessel, and most of you don’t know what you are talking about, leave judgement to the professionals

  8. There is no engine on that S/V. The Alexander V Humboldt is a 200 ft long, 400 ton, 3 masted clipper ship.

  9. whoever the captain is was a fucking dumbass and could have slowed down it would have taken time but could have been done and he could have at least tried to steer to the right but no he was a dumb fuck and just assumed the other vessel would have done the same but the reality of it is that the captain of the sailboat is the jackass not the captain of the trawler because he didn’t even know that the sailboat was comming

  10. Additionally, The SV was upwind of the FV which means she could have only changed course downwind with any significant speed.. given their proximity, the FV might have impacted broadside or on the port bow if she had attempted the maneuver resulting in more serious damage… The question that still remains is did the SV captain take sufficient and timely action to avoid collision and did these actions ultimately reduce the risk/impact. It is clear the FV is at fault, but not so for the SV..

  11. The fishermen are probably asleep. But at what point did the sailing vessel notice they were on a collision course? SV either noticed too late or chose to continue sailing in the hope of a near miss. Wonder if the SV started its engine. I wouldn’t assume anyone is behind the wheel of a fishing vessel or any ship for that matter. Crews have a reputation for auto-pilot and sleep.

  12. Are you even aware of how sailing vessels work? You just don’t change course on a vessel like that.

  13. Completely agree. I once avoided a motorboat with my sailing boat because I suspected that the crew was below deck for some reason. The really scary thing was that we were passing under a bridge. He could have been dead.

  14. Really? Would you mind describing the steps necessary for the S/V to have accomplished that?

  15. Trawler on autopilot!! The system should be banned this shit happens all the time!!! Both sail and powered vessels have it and it should be outlawed!!!

  16. Sheer arrogance from the captains of both ships!!! Both could have altered course to some degreeavoid collision!!! I fucking hate sail and trawler!!! One rapes the ocean dry,the other usually has more money then sense!!! But Both think they own the ocean!! This footage proves it!

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